Improper Dosage Caused Injury?

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Prescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine Bottle

Ensuring a dosage of medication is clear and accurate can save so many lives. Then, why do some hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals not take the necessary precautions to prevent mistakes? Medication errors cause hundreds of thousands of victims to suffer from unnecessary medical conditions every year. Because of this, the lawyers at the Shapiro Law Firm believe something needs to be done to prevent these mistakes.

Our office handled a lawsuit where a hospital allowed the nurses to calculate the strength of narcotics given to young children. There was an actual example where a nurse tried to do the math on the hospital chart and, unfortunately, put a decimal point in the wrong place. This caused a child to receive 10 times the amount of medication, causing permanent and severe brain damage.

In another case, an eight month old baby was given too much narcotics following a cosmetic surgical repair. Due to the nurse’s failure to monitor the child closely, hours passed before the staff realized that this baby was nearly lifeless. Again, it resulted in severe brain injury. Our legal team does not tolerate this kind of medical malpractice.

Improper Dosage Can be Deadly, But It Is Completely Preventable

Dosage errors often result from a breakdown in communication. A doctor may write down the wrong dosage on a prescription, or a pharmacist may misread the prescription and administer the wrong dosage. Simply putting the decimal point in the wrong spot can cause catastrophic damage. These mistakes are entirely avoidable. However, medical professionalsoften do not take the time and effort to make sure their information is clear and accurate. This negligence puts patients’ lives at risk.

The results can be devastating. Medication errors such as dosage mistakes injured at least one million people every year, according to a study from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Hundreds of thousands of preventable drug-related injuries occur in hospitals each year. This then leads to additional operations and wages lost from missing work.

What Can an Attorney do After a Medication Error?

Our medical malpractice lawyers represent those affected by improper dosages. We investigate claims to find out who is at fault. Then, we use our legal abilities to procure compensation for victims. Health care professionals are held accountable for their mistakes by paying the necessary losses for what occurred.

Attorney Richard M. Shapiro has more than 30 years of experience. He received an AV Preeminent® rating, a national recognition from Martindale-Hubbell, for his trial advocacy success. Much of Richard Shapiro’s renown is a direct result of his compassion for those harmed by medical malpractice. He gets to know each injury victim he represents and thereby learns about their suffering. He then uses his medical experience to establish an effective case that allows victims to receive the compensation they deserve.

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