How Do Lawyers Choose Cases?

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney on Representing Negligence Claims

Will a lawyer take my case? This common question can be difficult to answer. In this video, our Florida medical malpractice attorney explains what types of medical malpractice cases the law firm of Shapiro Law Group handles and why.

During a free attorney consultation, our Florida medical malpractice attorney can help determine if you, your child or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence and whether pursuing a recovery in a medical malpractice lawsuit is in your best interest. The time to file medical malpractice cases for doctor error or hospital injury is limited. Call our Florida medical malpractice attorney today.

Video Transcription:

Lawyers get to pick their clients on the plaintiff side. We at Shapiro Law Group are very selective in terms of the kinds of cases that we handle. We want to be sure that malpractice is committed, because coming from the family of doctors, I made my dad a promise many, many moons ago that if there was a coin toss, I would always toss that in favor of the health care provider.

It makes me a better lawyer because my outcomes tend to be better because I’m more selective about the cases that we handle. It’s natural that if you’re more selective and we actually counted in one year here at Shapiro Law Group and we took one out of two hundred and something intakes in the firm. The reason isn’t to look like we’re snotty. It’s more a function of if you know that there is the potential that you have to try this case before a jury in order to win in this day and age, it has to be…I won’t say a smoking gun, but the mistake has to be pretty overt.


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