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When medical negligence devastates you or a loved one’s life, you need an attorney with both an intimate knowledge of the field and a proven record of success. Firm founder Richard M. Shapiro has helped victims of medical malpractice for the past three decades. We assist those suffering from a medical injury, and we devote most of our time and resources to representing child victims of negligence.

Level the Playing Field Between You and the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a massive industry, and hospitals have enormous resources (both legal and financial) to defend their employees against claims of wrongdoing. Even when healthcare providers are at fault for medication errors, a misdiagnosis, cerebral palsy or surgical errors, they will defend against paying a claim to the fullest extent possible. Richard has never seen a medical professional admit fault in malpractice suits, even when the mistake is obvious to everyone else.

You do not want to go against a hospital or specialist on your own. You need experienced medical malpractice lawyers with proven results on your side. These lawyers will hold negligent parties responsible when they refuse to admit to wrongdoing.

Why You Should Choose the Shapiro Law Group

Simply put, we have the experience, knowledge and results necessary to prevail in medical malpractice cases. Our passion for helping injured patients fuels our desire to succeed in litigation. Consequently, having grown up in a family of doctors, Richard has firsthand knowledge of medicine. This gives him a unique advantage over other medical malpractice attorneys. He uses this experience to secure results for our clients and prevent similar injuries from befalling other victims. In fact, several of our legislative victories have led to safer policies in hospitals nationwide.

Tampa Bay Medical Malpractice Lawyers: No Win, No Fee

Not sure if you have a valid case? Call our Florida medical malpractice attorneys to schedule a consultation and find out by calling us at (800) 258-HELP. We know medical malpractice law well, and we can tell you if you have a chance of recovering medical negligence compensation through a verdict or settlement. We work on a contingency fee basis, and we are able to advance all costs until the end of the case. If your case is not successful, you will not owe attorney fees or court costs.


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