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Healthcare is a massive industry, and hospitals have enormous resources (both legal and financial) to defend their employees against claims of wrongdoing. Even when healthcare providers are at fault for medication errors, a misdiagnosis, cerebral palsy or surgical errors, they will defend against paying a claim to the fullest extent possible. Richard has never seen a medical professional admit fault in malpractice suits, even when the mistake is obvious to everyone else.

You do not want to go against a hospital or specialist on your own. You need experienced medical malpractice lawyers with proven results on your side. These lawyers will hold negligent parties responsible when they refuse to admit to wrongdoing.


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Richard M. Shapiro


For over three decades, medical malpractice lawyer Richard M. Shapiro has been working to defend the rights of injured individuals, children and families due to medical malpractice.

Throughout his career, Richard has become a formidable adversary in the field of medical negligence. He takes pride in focusing a large portion of his legal practice to representing children injured by negligent healthcare. These children make up more than 90 percent of his client base.

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Our medical malpractice lawyers only take a limited number of clients each year. We do this because it allows us to give our clients and their causes our full attention and effort to achieve real change in the healthcare industry.