Helping Children Hurt by Doctors

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Child Medical Malpractice Lawyers Near Tampa Bay

In this video, our Florida attorney explains how the law firm is much more than child medical malpractice lawyers. We are advocates for young children seriously harmed due to improper medical care. Our work as child medical malpractice lawyers and advocates for victims of blindness in newborns has forced many hospitals and medical professionals to better their care for all children, and we are proud of that fact.

If your family needs experienced child medical malpractice lawyers who can make substantial healthcare changes in your community, wherever you are in the United States, get the recovery your family and child deserves. Make the call to our firm for a free attorney claim review today.

Video Transcription:

I like to think of what we do as representing children as their advocate. Others would look at what we do from the outside and say I’m a medical malpractice lawyer, but it doesn’t tell the story. Our clients are small children, usually newborns that are very seriously affected by some disease process that was not handled properly by the doctors or the hospital or the nursing staff. It has, in essence, ruined a good part of their lives. To me, I think of the children and being their advocate more than I would as being a malpractice lawyer.


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