House Of Horrors Dentist Accused Of Medical Malpractice

Posted on June 05, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

A Florida dentist has faced protests and several lawsuits over allegations that he performed unnecessary and dangerous procedures on children. Even worse, some of the procedures might have been performed without anesthesia. In addition to allegations of medical malpractice, the Florida dentist has also been accused of collecting millions of dollars in Medicaid payments.

Local press outlets have dubbed the dentist’s office a “house of horrors”, where children are subjected to harmful and unnecessary treatments. A local mother recounted the story of her daughter, who visited the dentist to have a tooth removed, but left the office with all of her teeth missing. According to the mother, the dentist hit and choked her daughter. Police were called, but no report was filed.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation into allegations of Medicaid fraud, as records show the doctor has raked in almost $4 million from Medicaid reimbursements.

State records show the dentist was sued for medical malpractice in 1995 for placing 16 crowns in the mouth of a 3-year-old. Crowns are placed over teeth to help restore them.

What Legal Options Do Parents Have When Doctors Harm Children?

Depending on the circumstances, mistakes made by healthcare professionals could be considered medical malpractice. It is clear the Florida dentist accused of running a “house of horrors” has records going back decades. In medical malpractice cases, records are extremely important to prove a healthcare professional acted with negligence.

Contacting an attorney can help parents find options for pursuing damages and holding negligent healthcare practitioners accountable.

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