Three Horrific Examples of Medical Wrongdoing

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Although doctors undergo years of education and training, they are still capable of causing tragic medical mistakes. For many patients who survive, their lives are forever altered. Today we are going to discuss shocking and true stories of medical wrongdoing.

  • The heartbreaking story of a woman can show the horrific burn injuries surgical fires can cause patients. While undergoing surgery, a nearby electrical tool caused a fire inside of her oxygen mask. When she woke up, her lips had melted away, her nose was deformed and her chin was completely gone. According to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System, there are 550 to 650 surgical fires every year.
  • Misdiagnosis can have terrible consequences for patients, many of whom undergo unnecessary procedures. After undergoing an x-ray at her dentist’s office, a mother of two was told she had a mass inside of her jaw. At her next doctor’s appointment, she was told she had three to six months to live, but could gain an extra three months if the left side of her chin up to her ear were surgically removed. The woman underwent the surgery because she wanted more time with her children, but was later told she never had cancer.
  • Surgical mistakes, such as operating on the wrong patient or body part, can cause permanent injuries or fatalities. When a team of doctors accidently performed heart surgery on a 67-year-old woman, it was not until halfway through the procedure they realized she was the wrong patient. There was nothing wrong with her heart at all; she had been at the hospital for a routine procedure.

When Should Families File a Lawsuit for Medical Wrongdoing?

When doctors make mistakes, the consequences can be life-changing for patients and families. In some cases, patients can lose their lives and families are devastated. In other cases, patients can have a severely reduced quality of life. Contacting a medical malpractice attorney can help injured patients and families explore options for recovering damages.

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