Lawyer Richard Shapiro Can Help Parents of Blind Babies Facing Incredible Struggles

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Tampa FL ROP Lawyer on Living with Retinopathy of Prematurity Blindness

Living with retinopathy of prematurity injuries like preventable blindness in newborns can mean a lifetime of physical, emotional and developmental struggles for premature babies. As our ROP lawyer explains in this video, parents dealing with preventable retinopathy of prematurity blindness in newborns also feel the struggles of living with retinopathy of prematurity blindness. However, many medical professionals at fault for this negligence do not realize how devastating these doctor errors and hospital mistakes are for the families affected.

If you are dealing hospitals errors or a doctor mistake that led to baby blindness, our ROP lawyer would like to hear your story. Please call our law firm or fill out the claim review form today for compassionate and experienced legal help for free.

Video Transcription:

The interesting part of watching from the outside from my perspective just as a person, not as a lawyer, watching a family struggle with their child, and it hits me uniquely, square in the head, that I think to myself – when the doctor is on the receiving end of a lawsuit, he or she doesn’t think about what that child’s life is like now. He or she doesn’t think, “My God. If I’d done my job right, this child wouldn’t have to go through all of this.” He or she doesn’t have to take the time to imagine what happens. All of us are human, and your self-defense mechanism kicks in and says, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Sadly, in all the years that I’ve been doing this work, I have never once had a doctor testify under oath that they were responsible for causing harm to the patient, never once.


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