Injured by Surgical Errors?

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Our medical malpractice lawyers have more than 30 years of experience assisting victims of surgical errors under Florida medical malpractice law. In that time, we find that many medical malpractice deaths can be attributed to surgical errors, which happen shockingly often. A “never event” in hospital language is a mistake that should never happen. Johns Hopkins University claims that surgeons are responsible for at least 4,000 never events every year. These events include:

  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Performing the wrong procedure on the patient
  • Operating on or amputating the wrong body part
  • Leaving surgical tools inside the patient
  • Serious injuries, death or suicide occurring on hospital premises

Not sure if you have a case? Then schedule a consultation with us: there is no charge or obligation. We will then let you know if legal action is in your best interest.

What Do I Do After a Surgical Error?

  1. Get help as soon as possible. Your health is the highest priority. If you or a loved one is in severe pain, seek medical attention immediately. Then, worry about bills and costs later.
  2. Ask for your medical documents. Make sure you keep all your receipts, medical records, prescriptions and health insurance bills. These will be extremely important later on. Keep a daily medical journal of your doctor visits, what the doctor told you and how you are feeling and responding to treatment. Records can be altered or discarded. Evidence only gets stale with time.
  3. Call an attorney. Not every case of medical injuries necessarily constitutes medical malpractice. An experienced attorney can let you know if legal action is possible or likely to succeed.

Find a Florida Attorney for Surgical Errors

Find out if you have a case today by scheduling a free consultation with our medical malpractice attorneys. If you hire our law firm, then you are not responsible for any costs up front. We advance any necessary costs of litigation to the cases we take on. Furthermore, you only owe us attorney fees and advanced costs if we secure a verdict or settlement in your favor. Otherwise, you owe no attorney fees or court costs. We know Florida medical malpractice laws; let us work for you.


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