Hypoxia and Anoxia During Birth

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Cerebral palsy and many other severe birth traumas result from damage to the brain. This is often because of mistakes made by hospitals, doctors, nurses and other professionals during pregnancy or birth. These errors sometimes restrict the flow of oxygen to the fetus or newborn’s brain. This can then cause a serious and life-altering birth injury.

Anoxia and hypoxia are both terms that indicate a lack of oxygen. When a child suffers from cerebral anoxia or hypoxia, this deficiency can damage the child’s brain. After even a short amount of time, this condition can result in an anoxic brain injury.

Mistakes made along the chain of care allow these injuries to occur. Our medical malpractice attorneys have several decades of combined legal experience representing those hurt by doctors and hospital mistakes. Attorney J. Brent Jones, Esq., even served as a defense attorney for many major health institutions. This allows him to understand how these organizations operate and defend themselves. He uses this knowledge to his advantage when taking on major health care providers for the benefit of injury victims.

How Can Hypoxia or Anoxia Happen?

A deprivation of oxygen to a fetus or newborn infant can result from several different scenarios. Physicians and other medical professionals must be prepared for these situations. They then have to be able to resolve them in a safe, timely manner. Failure to address these issues can cause cerebral palsy.

  • Intrauterine Hypoxia. Various complications can cause a fetus to not receive enough oxygen. Doctors have many methods to detect this condition, which can affect a fetus for a long time if a doctor fails notice it.
  • Umbilical Cord Prolapse. If, during birth, the umbilical cord drops out through the cervix before the baby, it can become entangled with the child and restrict blood flow. This can lead to complications like cerebral palsy. Doctors should be able to identify this and take action to prevent damage to the child, such as moving the fetus away from the cord or delivering the baby through cesarean section.
  • The Need for an Emergency Cesarean Section. An umbilical cord prolapse or other type of medical emergency during birth may require doctors to perform a cesarean section. Medical professionals delivering children must be able to determine if a cesarean section is necessary. They then must follow through with the procedure as quickly as possible. Any delay can result in serious trauma or permanent conditions.

Why Choose Our Lawyers for a Cerebral Palsy Claim?

What makes the Shapiro Law Group different is our specific experience with medicine. Attorney Richard M. Shapiro is the son of a medical doctor who spent time working in the health care industry. Few lawyers have this type of experience. It allows him to understand the needs of the people he represents in order to secure the compensation they require. To talk to the attorneys who are well versed in the specifics of medical negligence, give us a call at (800) 258-HELP. We offer free attorney advice from our Tampa Bay medical malpractice lawyers.


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