What Kinds of Mistakes Can Doctors Make?

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Shapiro Law Group

medical mistakes

Dr. Charles Coonan Streit, a California urologist for the last 41 years, was placed on probation recently because of a botched kidney operation. According to the state medical board, the longtime physician failed to double-check which of his patient’s kidneys was the one with cancer. The doctor removed the patient’s healthy kidney, leaving the diseased one inside his body.

The patient was forced to endure another surgery to remove the other kidney and now faces an uncertain future.

An event like this is known as a wrong-site surgery, a type of medical error for which there is no excuse. Doctors refer to this as a “never event,” something which should never have happened.

What Do I Do If I Am a Victim of Surgical Error?

The most important thing to do in the event of a surgical error is to seek medical treatment. Your health is of paramount importance. Keep all of your medical records together, along with receipts. Lastly, contact an attorney.

The Shapiro Law Group has spent the last 30 years protecting victims of medical malpractice and working to get them the compensation they deserve for their troubles. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, then contact our medical malpractice lawyers. We would love to work for your benefit.

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