A Holiday List of Defective Toys Your Children Should Avoid

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

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Defective toys cause catastrophic injuries, so it is important for parents to have information that can help protect their children. For example, news reports suggest lithium-ion batteries used in popular hoverboard toys can explode. There are other examples of dangerous toys this holiday season, and depending on the type of defect, children can suffer burn and brain injuries.

  • A family in Louisiana is claiming an exploding hoverboard set fire to their home. In addition, a video of the hoverboard exploding into a fireball recently went viral on social media. Copycat products released by companies overseas may be to blame for the explosions. Some of the defective hoverboards have already been sold on Amazon to American consumers.
  • LaRose Industries recalled a toy airplane with inner parts that can expose children to choking hazards. The toy was sold exclusively at Target until it was recalled in late October.
  • Build-A-Bear, a stuffed animal with multiple parts, was recalled after it was discovered the product could break open and spill stuffing. The stuffing can become a significant choking hazard to young children.

Can Parents Protect their Children from Defective Toys?

Some organizations have reported on dangerous toys for this holiday season, some of which have not been recalled. The Massachusetts-based organization, World Against Toys Causing Harm, has compiled its annual list of the top 10 dangerous toys for the 2015 holiday season. Among them are a folding trampoline set, a Ninja Turtles sword and a toy gun that looks real.

Even if toys are recalled, from either the company itself or the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is possible parents have already purchased the products for Christmas. Checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website can help parents stay up-to-date on recalled toys.

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