Is My Doctor Conducting Improper Surgeries?

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Lawsuits filed against Florida cardiologist Asad Qamar have been backed by the Justice Department. Qamar, who collected the second highest amount of money from Medicare in 2012 amongst all doctors nationwide, is accused of performing unnecessary heart scans and procedures on patients on a regular basis to collect money from Medicare. Patient co-payments were waived illegally, say the lawsuits, to keep the patients from questioning his treatment recommendations.


In one example, a patient required a lifesaving heart procedure due to a blockage of blood flow. She also suffered from nonthreatening blockages in her legs. Qamar lacked the qualifications necessary to operate on her heart problem, but he inserted a stent into her leg anyway. She later died from complications related to the surgery.

Qamar’s Medicare payments have been investigated before, and he was placed on prepayment review to prevent him from improperly billing his patients. One of his former workers, a management consultant who reviews the Medicare billings of his practice, is heading one of the lawsuits against Qamar.

A Physician Conducted Unnecessary Operations on Me. Can I Sue for Malpractice?

Physicians have an ethical and a legal duty to their patients to provide the best care that they can. When a doctor steps out of line and conducts an improper medical procedure, it is imperative that the doctor is held responsible. The Tampa Bay medical malpractice attorneys at Shapiro Law Group offer free case reviews for malpractice victims, so there is no obligation to find out if you have a case.

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