CT Scans and Radiation – How Safe Are Imaging Machines?

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

Medical errors involving computerized topography scans (CT scan) can have horrifying consequences for patients, often putting them at increased risk for health conditions later in life. CT scans can take highly accurate images to diagnose conditions, making it extremely beneficial and life saving for some patients.

On the downside, CT scans require exposure to radiation. In some cases, technicians have committed horrible acts of negligence while performing CT scans, causing severe injuries to patients.

After receiving a CT scan to diagnose migraines, a 36-year-old mother felt as if heat were emanating from her brain, and as if she had been sunburned on her cheek. As it turns out, she had received a dose of radiation eight times higher than intended. The mother of two became nauseous, fatigued and clumps of her hair began to fall out. Two weeks later, the radiation poisoning affected her brain, causing balance and memory issues.

An even more grotesque incident of medical negligence involving a CT scan occurred in California. A 2-year-old boy had fallen out of bed, hurting his neck. His parents rushed him to the emergency room and the doctor ordered a CT scan to assess the damage. The CT scan technician performing the procedure activated the machine 151 times on the same area, taking almost a full hour. CT scans are intended to take only a few minutes at the very most. The boy suffered burns to his face, and now has a much higher risk of developing cancer into adulthood.

CT Scan Accidents Can Have Long-Term Effects

For many of the unfortunate victims of medical negligence involving CT scans, after the burns heal, the lifetime risk of cancer is significantly increased. Many survivors will likely live in fear, wondering if any minor health issue is actually far more serious.

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