Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Shapiro Law Group

orthopedic nurse stretching spinal cord and shoulder of elder patient with injury for physiotherapyAccidents occur when we do not expect them, and it can be challenging to prevent them. Several causes of spinal cord injuries include car accidents, violence, falls, or even sports injuries.

As per the national report, Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center reports — more than 17,800 cases related to spinal cord injuries happen each year in the United States. The study also revealed that approximately 300, 000 people live with a spinal cord injury.

Treating such an injury drains a person economically and their relatives. The procedure of asking for compensation is not quite an easy thing. This is where the support of a Tampa spine injury attorney is desirable to accelerate the method of securing justice.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

1.  Car Accident

A sudden car accident can lead to severe spinal cord injury. It can simply tear your tissues, including disc, ligament, and vertebrae, leading to the dislocation of your sensitive tissues. It can also lead to slipping discs and severe trauma.

So immediate medical treatment is necessary. It can affect various body parts such as limbs and the backbone. Tampa spine injury lawyer in this situation can help to find an easy solution after your treatment.

2.  Fall and Slip

A complete or partial spinal cord tear is the effect of a slip and fall.

Any injury to the spinal cord affects the brain to malfunction with the rest of the body. As an outcome, you may lose control of mobility in your limbs’ movement. It affects you significantly and lowers your moral conscience.

Here comes the situation where you will need a Florida spinal cord injury attorney. Hence, you will significantly benefit from the employed service of a qualified lawyer to handle your case.

3.  Medical Malpractice

The spinal cord can also result because of a surgical error. For instance, incorrect anesthesia raises the risk of epidural hematoma, which can also be in the spines. Thus, medical malpractice aggravated the condition of a patient instead of mitigating it.

Here comes the work of the Florida medical malpractice attorney to help you file a claim. Qualified attorneys have become the core help in settling  Florida spinal cord injuries that caused extreme damage to patients.

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Affect Your Life?

Depending on your body’s age and the occurrence of the accident, spinal cord injuries may affect your life that can:

  • Lead to paralysis that affects your entire body, including your limbs and legs.
  • Decrease your life anticipation. However, the life expectancy ratio depends on the severity of your injury.
  • Make you vulnerable to other health conditions such as obesity or infections of the skin.
  • Lead to a respiratory infection that might lead to your death or lead to ailments such as pneumonia.

What Type of Compensation are You Entitled to?

For a spinal cord injury, Florida law covers two types of damage: non-economical and economical.

There are various non-monetary damages which may include:

  • Suffering and pain
  • Debility
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment in life

Types of compensation for spinal cord injuries may include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical care and surgery
  • Therapeutic care and equipment
  • Home care
  • Property damage
  • Loss of earnings – both current and forthcoming

For instance, a Tampa personal injury attorney once filed a claim for a 50-year-old client who has been suffering from pain and loss of enjoyment in life and only has 66 years of life expectancy. The Tampa spine injury lawyer filed a civil case and claimed 1.6 million.

How an Attorney Helps You Recover

A special Tampa spine injury lawyer from Shapiro Law Group can investigate the incident and put the facts into perspective. Simply, the rational and investigative mind of a professionally trained and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Florida will be able to grab the condition and deal with it.

Our spine injury lawyer of Florida will discuss with you the kind of claim you must file depending on the nature of your injury.  All Florida spinal cord injuries have a probability of compensation with the assistance of a Tampa medical malpractice attorney.

A personal injury resulting from inattention or faulty workplace protection can make you feel disillusioned. But do not suffer in silence when Tampa personal injury attorney from Shapiro Law Group can help you get justice conveniently.

Contact us now and have your Tampa medical malpractice attorney handle your case.


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