Can a Parasailing Accident Lead to a Major Lawsuit?

Posted on March 25, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group


A settlement has been reached for a lawsuit over a 2013 parasailing accident that left two teenagers with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Two teenagers on vacation in Florida were injured after their parasail broke away from a motorboat due to high winds. After separating from the boat, high winds carried the two teenagers until they hit a condominium balcony and fell into a parking lot.

Due to the circumstances of the accident, the two young women and their families sued the parasailing company, the rental company, the towrope manufacturer and the condominium. Before the accident occurred, an employee of the parasailing company made a joke about the bad weather, asking the two young women if they were “afraid a little lightning”.

Both young women sustained TBIs and are in constant pain from their injuries. In an interview with the press, one of the young women mentioned severe memory problems and difficulties controlling her emotions. Attorneys representing the two young women said that both received an equal amount of compensation.

In the aftermath of this accident, the parasailing industry has adopted new changes that include high wind restrictions and basic insurance requirements. Other resorts in the area are now being extra cautious about guest safety.

In future updates, our blog will cover in more detail the important changes parasailing companies have made to protect our children from life-altering catastrophic injuries. Our readers can learn more about the rehabilitation process for TBIs on our website. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on Shapiro Law Group.

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