What Are the Long-Term Consequences of Birth Injuries?

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed against a West Palm Beach doctor for a birth injury that injured a young boy for life. According to the boy’s parents, who filed the lawsuit, their son was delivered using a vacuum tube because the doctor was in a hurry to check on car repairs for his BMW. The parents are seeking several million dollars in compensation.

Vacuum extractors work by attaching a suction cup to a baby’s head to be pulled out of the womb. The tool is used during 10 percent of births. According to the Food and Drug Administration, vacuum extractors can risk the health of a newborn. Common injuries from vacuum extractors include skull fractures, retinal hemorrhages and cerebral palsy.

Sadly, the negligent delivery left a child with a severe traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy. Now sixteen years old, the boy is unable to walk and has the intellectual capacity of a 2-year-old. Due to cerebral palsy and other health complications that resulted from his brain injury, he will need medical care for the rest of his life.

Are Birth Injuries a form of Medical Malpractice?

Healthcare professionals and institutions are expected to provide a standard of care so patients do not face permanent injuries. If jury decides the doctor is responsible for the birth injury because he was more concerned about a car than patient safety, the family could be awarded the compensation they seek.

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