Video Conferencing for Medical Appointments, Is It Wise?

Posted on August 22, 2014 by Shapiro Law Group

Everyone knows of the anxiety that can come with visiting a doctor’s office. Sometimes, it can even be hard to make the time to get to a physician’s office. However, recent developments in communications technology are beginning to change some of these problems.

As Health TechZone reports, “Doctor on Demand” is a new concept that brings a doctor into a user’s house, and as we discuss it, we will take a look at the medical malpractice implications that it brings with it. Doctor on Demand seems to be a relatively simple concept. The software program allows for users to video conference with doctors in their own home for $40 per connection.

The service will be offered on mobile devices, desktops and laptops, and will cover the “full list” of ailments. Doctor on Demand is essentially doing for healthcare what an interactive voice response (IVR) system does for call center operations.

The program will allow users to select what symptoms or ailments they are experiencing, and they will be video-linked to a doctor who will assess their condition and attempt to make a judgment on the proper course of action the patient should take.

Still, there are lingering questions that surround the project. One question is how liability will be imposed on doctors and whether it will be the same standard that doctors are held to when diagnosing patients in person. There is the very real possibility of misdiagnosis and medication errors that comes with video conferencing.

Secondly, there is the inherent risk of exposing yourself to privacy concerns by engaging in an online conduit for the transfer of medical information. While the program has safeguards, we have seen that even the most secure websites have kinks in their internet armor. A recent blog post of ours explored the concerns that arise when all of your healthcare data is stored in one place.

While Doctor on Demand seems to be an innovative and useful technology, nothing comes without risks in our society. It takes being vigilant to properly safeguard yourself against possible physician mistakes and invasions of medical privacy.

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