Patti A.

Posted on October 05, 2021 by Shapiro Law Group

My dad lost his fingers on one hand due to malpractice after a successful surgery that did not involve fingers. For months we were told it was because of debris in his blood. It was not.
Mr. Shapiro and his associates were relentless in getting the medical records until the “missing” page was sent.
Then they had the hard and arduous job of finding a doctor willing to testify. An informative video and audio with the doctor’s testimony was presented. Case closed.
Because of their due diligence, a satisfactory settlement was reached.
Mr. Shapiro’s law firm worked hard, were extremely thorough, professional, and kept in constant communication throughout the whole stressful ordeal.
Mr. Shapiro still remembers my parents and keeps in touch with my mom, even after 15 years have passed.
That alone is impressive.


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