EMS ‘Selfie War’ an Example of Shocking Unprofessional Behavior by Medical Workers

Posted on August 08, 2016 by

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and EMS workers are tasked with the most important jobs in the world – saving the lives of other people. When these professionals misbehave or neglect their duties to care for others, patients can face serious harm. Unfortunately, recent examples of patient abuse show unprofessional behavior happens more than… Read more »

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Why are Surgical Mistakes Kept from Patients and Families?

Posted on August 01, 2016 by

Several weeks ago, we discussed the possibility that hospitals have a ‘culture of silence’ when patients are harmed by medical mistakes. Recent research suggests many doctors still hide medical errors, but that the number is gradually increasing. An article published by CBS News claims many doctors still remain silent on mistakes. According to a study… Read more »

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Are Hospitals Silent When Patients Are Harmed by Medical Mistakes?

Posted on July 11, 2016 by

Medical mistakes have become the third leading cause of death in the US, but hospitals remain opaque on offering details when these errors happen. Hospitals may be silent on medical mistakes when patients or grieving family members have questions. This might be the case because hospitals may want to avoid liability when patients are killed… Read more »

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In Hospitals, Silence Hurts

Posted on April 25, 2016 by

For victims of medical mistakes and their families, emotional pain and suffering continue long after errors are made. Victims and family members may want answers, and in many cases, hospitals only offer silence. A recent Forbes article covered this subject quite well, and it shows how patients and health care providers are emotionally hurt by… Read more »

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