Sponge Left in Body Lawsuit Finally Reaches Trial

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Shapiro Law Group

Most of us would not think that foreign objects such as surgical tools would be left in patients’ bodies after undergoing surgery. The Dayton Daily Newsjust recently called our attention to the start of a trial where a sponge was left in a woman’s body and is alleged to have eventually caused her death, leading to a medical malpractice suit.

After a 17-hour surgery at Miami Valley Hospital in late 2009, a medical sponge was left in the victim’s body. During the course of the surgery there was a shift change, and the doctor presiding over the operation was informed that the sponge count was off.

The doctor was apparently told by the medical team that the sponge count was correct, and he completed the surgery. However, the doctor did not look at the X-ray, taken immediately after the surgery, which showed another sponge in the upper-left quadrant of the abdomen.

The radiology report, completed just after the surgery, clearly noted “two ribbon-like high density structures,” which were consistent with sponges. As frightening as it seems, the doctor did not look at the X-ray until five to six weeks later and then twice failed to remove the sponge during subsequent surgeries. One of the subsequent surgeries even injured the victim’s spleen.

The victim’s family filed a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that the complications from the initial botched surgery eventually led to her untimely death.

The bottom line is that doctors and hospitals have to take responsibility for the mistakes, pain, and suffering that their medical negligence causes. There is no reason for a sponge to be left in a patient; much less anything else, and hopefully this victim’s family will receive adequate justice under the law.

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Source: http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/news/crime-law/sponge-left-in-womans-body-leads-to-medical-malpra/ngfnb/


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