Are Pharmacy Mistakes a Common Occurrence?

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

medication errors

Millions of Americans depend on taking medication to treat physical or mental illnesses, whether it is for a bad back or depression. However, some of these unsuspecting patients may be at risk for injury or death if they receive the wrong dosage or medication from their pharmacy.

According to the Institute of Safe Medication Practices, an organization that monitors and maintains statistics on pharmacy errors, as many as 30 to 50 million prescriptions are filled incorrectly ever year. In some cases, these mistakes will lead to a fatal accident. One such case happened last year in Oregon, when a patient had her IV bag filled with the wrong drug. According to investigators, the IV bag was labeled correctly, but a pharmacy worker filled the bag with the incorrect drug, leading to the death of a patient.

Another pharmacy mistake made national news when a Florida appeals court awarded a $25.8 million judgment to the estate of a woman who was prescribed an overdose of blood thinner medication. According to the suit, the woman was given a dosage ten times greater than prescribed, which caused her to suffer a series of strokes and ultimately pass away.

Can I Sue My Pharmacy for Messing Up My Medication Order?

Unfortunately, some pharmacies are more worried about performance metrics and profit than they are about consumer safety, leading to errors that can have catastrophic consequences. Patients who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones from this form of medical malpractice should consult with an attorney to discover what options are available to them.

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