What Parents Should Know If Their Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Shapiro Law Group

Several weeks ago, we discussed a textbook case of medical malpractice involving a newborn. The birth injury lawsuit discussed on our blog can show the lifelong consequences children face when doctors make mistakes during childbirth. Cerebral palsy, paralysis and death are all consequences of birth injuries. Birth injury lawsuits hold hospitals accountable for inflicting these consequences upon newborns and their families.

A recent article published by The Huffington Post serves as another perfect example of how children can have their quality of life drastically reduced. The article was written by a man who developed cerebral palsy from a birth injury.

In the article, he describes living with cerebral palsy and discusses many aspects of life people with disabilities take for granted. Now 31 years old, the man struggles to find a partner to share his life with and has to work 24/7 to prove his intellectual and economic worth to employers. He mentions how much more difficult it is to live independently and how he needed to undergo painful treatments as a child.

The article concludes with important information for parents. Cerebral palsy is frequently caused by birth injuries, such as oxygen deprivation or blunt force trauma.

According to the author, parents should look for symptoms of cerebral palsy early on, such as difficulties walking. Other symptoms in young children include spastic limb movements, trouble crawling or an inability to lift their heads up.

Don’t Believe the Myths Surrounding Birth Injury Lawsuits

It is commonly believed that children must have severe cases of cerebral palsy for their parents to file lawsuits. This is not true. Parents can consult with an attorney after their children receive a diagnosis. Cerebral palsy is expensive. Not only that, there are useful but pricey programs that can help children with cerebral palsy learn to live independently.

The author of the article describes being regretful over not having these options growing up. His mother did not file a lawsuit against the hospital responsible for the birth injury. As a result, he missed out on several programs that could have helped.

The Florida birth injury attorneys at Shapiro Law Group can hold hospitals accountable when newborns are injured by birth injuries.

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