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Mistakes during diagnosis can cost patients their health, and sometimes even their lives. In fact, errors in diagnosis are surprisingly more common than medication errors or many types of surgical mistakes. A misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary treatment or the wrong treatment while health care professionals neglect their actual conditions.

Our lawyers help patients fight against substandard medical care. We devote ourselves to each case we take. Our law firm focuses on causes, not just cases. We help you to prove that health care providers that cause harm to patients are responsible for their mistakes. In some instances, our cases have actually changed the way the health care industry operates, leading to the benefit of patients.

A Misdiagnosis Can be Costly and Life-Threatening

When physicians misdiagnose and ignore a condition, it may worsen as a result. This may cause the actual condition to be more difficult to treat when and if professionals correctly identify the issue. Physicians often misdiagnose appendicitis, aortic dissection, heart attacks and even cancer. Misdiagnosing many of these conditions can result in the wrongful death of patients.

Misdiagnosis is one of the most common errors leading to harm in America. A trained, skilled physician should, based upon the size and symptoms, present a patient with a list of the possible medical problems and diseases the patient could be suffering. Once the differential diagnosis is made, a process of elimination begins whereby the physician whittles down the list based upon the variety of information. This may include an x-ray, CT scans, MRI’s or other imaging studies. It might be based upon a patient’s clinical appearance during an exam. It may also be in combination with various lab studies and the help of any specialists needed to make the proper call.

How Do I Know if a Misdiagnosis Happened?

Even the best doctors can make mistakes, but mistakes don’t excuse substandard care. Medical professionals should recognize the signs of critical injuries and illnesses. A doctor who misses or ignores a condition may have committed medical malpractice. This is especially true if that doctor chose to skip certain tests or screenings to save time or money.

A lawyer with a strong understanding of medical malpractice can determine if a negligent misdiagnosis happened. Attorney Richard M. Shapiro has 30 years of legal experience. Additionally, he spent his professional career in and around the health care industry. He grew up in a family of doctors. A great deal of his experience in handling malpractice matters results from his interaction between the two professions: medicine and law. This unique combination of experience makes allowed him to discern the cause of a misdiagnosis and prove who is at fault.

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