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It was not supposed to happen this way: what should have been a routine hospital stay or trip to the pharmacist ended in catastrophe. When a medication error injures or kills a loved one, you need an attorney. With more than 30 years of experience, medical malpractice lawyer Richard M. Shapiro and his legal team can help your family when a medication error causes you or a loved one injury.

Firm founder Richard M. Shapiro has dedicated the bulk of his career to helping victims of medical malpractice, including medication errors, such as improper dosage. He comes from a family of renowned doctors. Additionally, he studied medicine under the tutelage of his father, Dr. Robert Shapiro, serving as his medical research assistant. Now, Richard uses that knowledge to help people injured due to preventable medical or pharmaceutical mistakes. His firsthand knowledge of the medical industry is a valuable asset to anyone considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit for a medication error.

What Causes a Medication Error?

Most medication errors result from a combination of the following:

  • Improper dosage: The hospital administers too much or too little of a drug
  • Improper prescription: Health care professionals use the wrong medication, or they administer a drug to treat something it has not been approved for
  • Pharmacy mistake: a pharmacist misinterprets directions from a doctor, leading to a prescription error

Our decades of experience in the medical malpractice field help us figure out who is responsible for this mistake. From there, we can seek compensation to help you recover and prevent similar errors from happening again.

What Can I Do After a Medication Error?

  1. Your or your loved one’s health is the most important thing. Call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately if you suspect a medication error is causing serious harm. If you think you are having a bad side effect from a medication, do not hesitate to seek treatment at once.
  2. Even if you are having mild side effects of a medication, inform your doctor or visit the emergency room. Some mild side effects can be indications that something is seriously wrong.
  3. Keep a journal. The timeline of events will be extremely important later on if you end up filing a lawsuit. Record dates, times, doctor names and visits and a description of the symptoms as they develop or worsen.
  4. Collect all your medical records. This includes receipts from doctor visits and pharmacists, prescription bottles, unused medication and notes from doctors.
  5. Contact a lawyer. There is a strict medical malpractice statute of limitations after this kind of injury occurs. If you miss this deadline, it could reduce your options for seeking recovery.

Not sure if you have a case? Give our Tampa Bay medical malpractice attorneys a call. There is no charge to speak with us. We will let you know if your case has potential to succeed in your favor. If the case ends without you receiving any compensation, you owe us no attorney fees or costs. Call (800) 258-HELP to learn more about how our firm can help your family.


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