Groupon Is Going to Start Offering Medical Coupons

Posted on July 11, 2014 by Shapiro Law Group

Groupon is a website that offers heavily discounted coupons for a variety of services if they are purchased within a certain time-frame. “Groupons” can cover outings to the movie theater, bars and even massages and hunting lessons. Now, as reported by Health News Florida, Groupon has decided to move into the healthcare market, which brings about concerns of medical malpractice.

Typically, when one thought of “health related” Groupons, they were limited to such things as facials and massages, and these were better classified as pampering. Now, the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine has ruled that it is not a violation to advertise through Groupon.

However, some are worried that patients would not understand what they are buying. One attorney stated that “the best health care comes from a consistent relationship between doctor and patient.”

A big concern with medical discounts being advertised on Groupon is the possibility of people buying a deal, thinking they will be seen by a licensed physician, and ending up being treated by a wholly different type of healthcare worker or even an unlicensed individual. If an individual that is not licensed or does not have the requisite knowledge in a particular field treats you, you could greaten your chances of becoming a medical malpractice statistic.

Individuals turning to Groupon should be aware of the implications that using Groupon comes with, and customers should make sure to do research on healthcare providers that are listed on the ads. Research should include looking them up on a Department of Health website to see if they have a license and any complaints for medical malpractice or unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Anitha Reddy succinctly voiced her concerns when she state, “I think sometimes the problem with Groupon is that there’s a lot of places where the physician really isn’t involved in the practice, and that can diminish the standard of service.”

If you have experienced any abnormalities, injuries or just did not feel right dealing with a healthcare professional, contact us. We want to make sure that you are aware of your rights.

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Did You Know: Groupon originally only offered one deal per day in selected metro areas in the United States.


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