Florida Termite Control Company Sued by Family after Fumigation Brain Injury

Posted on September 28, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group

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Last week, we wrote about the heartbreaking story of a family that was severely injured after having their home fumigated for termites. Allegedly, the fumigation company told the family it was okay to return to the home when it was still far from safe. The entire family became sick, and now a once athletic 10-year-old boy has been left with severe brain damage, unable to move or speak.

An investigation led by the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services claimed the boy and his family were poisoned by pesticides. The parents of the boy have filed a lawsuit against Sunland Pest Control and Terminix, claiming negligence in administering the fumigation and failure to vent the home. After the investigation had concluded, it was determined the boy’s brain injury was caused by exposure to sulfuryl fluoride, the pesticide used during the fumigation.

Pest Control Company Had History of Safety Violations

The owner of Sunland Pest Control has previously been fined by state agencies for using faulty fumigation techniques. To ensure homes have been removed of toxic pesticides, companies use detection equipment before telling homeowners to return. Florida investigators determined Sunland Pest Control had used broken detectors. In addition to faulty equipment, the investigators determined the company had poorly trained its employees to safely use pesticides.

Companies utilizing dangerous chemicals have a responsibility to ensure safety, especially when using toxic substances inside of homes. Due to the negligent actions of both companies, a boy’s life and future have been robbed. Doctors are unsure if he will ever fully recover.

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