EMS ‘Selfie War’ an Example of Shocking Unprofessional Behavior by Medical Workers

Posted on August 08, 2016 by Shapiro Law Group

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and EMS workers are tasked with the most important jobs in the world – saving the lives of other people. When these professionals misbehave or neglect their duties to care for others, patients can face serious harm. Unfortunately, recent examples of patient abuse show unprofessional behavior happens more than you might think.

Two Florida paramedics are facing felony and misdemeanor charges for taking selfies with patients in the back of ambulances. Both paramedics were arrested for engaging in a ‘selfie war’, which involved photos taken with patients in embarrassing situations. For example, one of the selfies involved an elderly woman with her breast exposed. In another photo, one of the paramedics opened the eyelid of a sedated patient.

Other recent stories of unprofessional behavior are much worse. A Florida nurse had her license suspended after video footage showed her beating a man on life support in an intensive care unit. The nurse was caught on camera hitting and cursing at the man. Footage shows the woman pushing the patient’s head into the bed while shouting, “I’ve ****** had it with you”.

Several weeks ago, we discussed how a Florida doctor is facing Medicare fraud charges after it was discovered he falsely diagnosed patients for profits. The doctor was sentenced to three years in prison.

Why Doctors Must Meet Our High Standards of Professionalism

We depend on medical professionals to save our lives, not to take selfies, punch us while we are vulnerable or misdiagnose us for the sake of profits. Medical professionals have a sacred duty to do patients no harm (although this historically applies to doctors, legally it applies to all medical professionals).

Patients and family members who suspect abuse is occurring should immediately contact the authorities and reach out to an attorney to explore additional legal options.

The Florida medical malpractice attorneys at Shapiro Law Group will hold hospitals accountable for mistreating and harming patients.

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