Is Your Doctor Lying about Your Surgery?

Posted on December 17, 2014 by Shapiro Law Group

The case of Aria Sabit, a Detroit-based back surgeon who was arrested in November by federal authorities, has developed further, with the FBI asking for more of his victims to step forward. Sabit is facing over two dozen medical malpractice allegations, and he recently surrendered his medical license as a result.

Sabit is accused of lying to the government and patients about surgeries he has performed. He billed federal health care programs for operations that never occurred and overbilled for ones that did. Several of his patients needed surgeries known as lumbar spinal fusions in their backs. Other physicians who analyzed Sabit’s work afterward noted that the fusions were done incorrectly, and the devices that were supposed to be implanted in the patients’ spines were not present in any patient.

brain injury

The judge ruled Sabit a flight risk because of his numerous recent trips to his homeland of Afghanistan, as well as evidence that he was looking for a job in the Middle East and London. He is in custody pending the results of an appeal to the detention ruling.

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Did You Know? According to research by the National Practitioner Data Bank, two-thirds of doctors who make 10 or more medical malpractice payments are never subjected to discipline of any kind.


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