Defective Medical Devices that have Harmed Patients

Posted on December 02, 2015 by Shapiro Law Group


Medical devices can be used to save the lives of patients, providing ways to prevent blood clots, bleeding and other fatal health conditions. However, some of these devices come with defects and other flaws that can cause pain and suffering for patients. In worst-case scenarios, patients can lose their lives.

  • The IVC blood clot filter has been associated with several deaths and injuries. When blood clot filters break, they send small pieces of metal through the bloodstream that can pierce organs. In one case, an IVC filter broke and sent a piece of metal into the heart of a patient. The failure rate for IVC Filters is 43 percent.
  • Duodenoscopes are small and flexible devices used to enter the stomach and intestines, but can also be a safe haven for harmful superbugs. The devices, while not necessarily defective, are designed in a way that makes cleaning extremely difficult. With many small working parts, cracks and crevices, superbugs such as CRE can remain dormant on duodenoscopes.
  • Transvaginal meshes are devices that can cause excruciating amounts of pain and suffering for patients. These devices can cause complications years after being implanted in patients. Affected patients can be in such severe pain that permanent disability is a distinct possibility.
  • Hip implant failures can release small pieces of metal into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue. The defective devices can cause patients pain and lack of mobility. Last year, artificial hip manufacturer Stryker paid out $1.43 billion to settle numerous lawsuits filed by patients.

Who is Liable for Defective Medical Devices?

Depending on the circumstances, several parties can be held liable when medical devices injure patients. Manufacturers, doctors, sales representatives, hospitals and suppliers may face legal consequences for selling defective medical devices that injure or kill patients.

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