Can a Second Opinion Prevent a Misdiagnosis?

Posted on December 12, 2016 by

Misdiagnosis is a common and potentially deadly medical error. For example, in a recent medical malpractice case in Chicago, a man went to a local hospital complaining of severe headache, neck pain, vomiting and disorientation. A doctor sent him home with pain medication instead of consulting with a neurologist or performing a CT scan. Two… Read more »

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How Can Patients Protect Themselves from Readmissions?

Posted on November 23, 2016 by

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) statistics show that one in five hospital patients face readmission within 30 days after discharge. Hospital readmissions remain high across the country for several reasons. Patients may succumb to infections after leaving the hospital, or they may be released before receiving adequate treatment. Hospitals may also do a… Read more »

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Should Hospitals Take Cyberattack Threats Seriously?

Posted on November 02, 2016 by

Several recent examples of hackers holding patient records hostage have been circulated by news outlets. Hospitals have also faced direct attacks on their IT systems. Other cybersecurity risks at hospitals are far more serious and involve equipment used to treat and monitor patients. These attempts show that patient safety and cybersecurity are becoming intertwined. The… Read more »

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How Are Families Affected by Medical Mistakes?

Posted on October 05, 2016 by

Medical mistakes can severely affect the lives of patients and their families. It would be unfair to suggest that only the patients suffer when errors are made by doctors or hospitals. Some of these errors can cause severe disabilities, meaning parents, siblings, significant others or children are tasked with providing round-the-clock care. The costs of… Read more »

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Can Doctors Be Sued for Patient Suicides?

Posted on October 03, 2016 by

The Florida Supreme Court is allowing a case involving a 55-year-old woman who committed suicide in 2008 while under the care of her physician to move forward. In 2008, the woman contacted her doctor’s office and described symptoms such as crying spells, mental strain and gastrointestinal issues. Once the doctor learned of this information from… Read more »

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Does Your Child Have This Commonly Misdiagnosed Illness?

Posted on September 28, 2016 by

Cat owners beware, your precious kitty could be responsible for spreading a dangerous bacterial infection to yourself or family members. The bacteria, Bartonella henselae, is passed between cats and fleas. Bartonella henselae can build up in the mouths and on the paws of cats when they groom themselves. When pet owners develop illness caused by… Read more »

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