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Spastic Quadriparesis

Although much has been learned in the past 30 years about the causes and prevention of cerebral palsy and related neurological disorders in infants and young children, the incidence of this disease has remained the same. Tragically, failure to adequately monitor and care for mothers and infants during the critical developmental times of pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery, can be the cause of irreversible brain damage in the infant.

Spastic quadriparesis is one of the most severe forms of cerebral palsy, affecting the entire body, the legs, arms, and trunk. The immediate cause of the disorder is brain damage that occurs in the womb, at birth, or soon after birth.

Causes of Spastic Quadriparesis

This type of cerebral palsy can occur when the portion of the brain that controls the muscles, the cerebral motor cortex, is damaged. Damage to this part of the brain can result in poor muscle control, spasms, stiff and overly tight muscles, and difficulties with speech and swallowing.

It is estimated that of the 10,000 children who tragically develop cerebral palsy in early childhood, approximately ten percent or less of cases are the result of birth complications and asphyxia, oxygen deprivation. Other causes may include severe jaundice if improperly treated during infancy, maternal infections during the pregnancy, maternal high blood pressure or genetic causes. Some cases simply have no identifiable cause.

Managing Treatment

Managing the effects of cerebral palsy through physical and occupational therapy can improve a child’s quality of life, but the severe nature of spastic quadriparesis limits the ability of therapies to create a sense of normalcy. Speech therapy and assistive technologies help the child integrate into family and school activities. Some anatomical abnormalities can be corrected through surgery. Drug therapies can alleviate tight and spastic muscles, pain, and seizures.

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But managing care for spastic quadriparesis is costly. If medical negligence is to blame for the injury, parents have a right to secure compensation that pays for the cost of treatment.

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